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How to Stay Sane as a Student in Social Isolation

As much as staying at home and chilling with unlimited access to the kitchen sounds amazing at first, it can get old fast so it’s important to keep yourself busy and take care of your mental health in this period of uncertainty.

By Harriet Johnson


Keeping up to date

Knowledge is power and, in this situation, staying up to date and informed is the most important things. Boris Johnson is currently doing daily updates at 5 pm on BBC1 and there’s countless podcasts on Spotify such as The Coronavirus Update by BBC Radio 5 Live and Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction by CNN.

It’s vital we stay up to date in such worrisome times however it’s also important to stay positive and try to be optimistic about the future. is a great website showing all the positive news stories that have happened recently as an article on a group of penguins who recently managed to escape their captivity in an aquarium and go for a wander around after the aquarium had been shut down due to this outbreak. It may all seem doom and gloom right now but try to stay positive!

Binge-worthy series

Despite our best efforts, we all at some point in social isolation are going to fall down a Netflix rabbit-hole and end up watching 4 hours’ worth of Friends while we were supposed to be doing online lectures, therefore, I thought I’d give you some of my top picks to keep you entertained for hours on end.

  1. Love is Blind – A Reality TV series where a group of people date without seeing each other and get married 4 weeks later.
  2. Black Mirror – An anthology thriller series showing peoples lives in various settings and demonstrates the impact technology can have on our lives.
  3. Queer Eye – A feelgood reality series where 5 gay men give a deserving person physical, mental and home makeover – nothing will make you happy cry as much as the grand reveal at the end of an episode!
Movie marathons

Series are great for a quick fix however there’s nothing better than cosying up in bed with a huge pile of bargain snacks you managed to pick up from Aldi while bypassing the 2 fully grown men fighting it out over a bag of fusilli. If you have the spare cash, I highly recommend investing in a projector, a few candles and a facemask and treating yourself to a solo spa night. If you don’t fancy spending hours trying to figure out what to watch here are some suggestions

  1. Bird Box – A thrilling drama about living in a world where if you open your eyes you will die.
  2. The John Wick trilogy – I recently reached these classics and forgot how gripping they are. John is a retired hitman who is a fan of getting revenge.
  3. The Worlds End – Is there a better combination than Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? This comedy is based on a group of men on a pub crawl on a mission to reach the Worlds End – watch and reminisce on the days when you would spend hours in spoons, not realising how much of a luxury it was at the time!

Also, there’s a new Chrome software called Netflix Party which allows you to watch Netflix at the same time as your friends in case you’re feeling a bit lonely so you can be alone together!

Keeping fit and healthy

Although a movie in bed day is the best kind of day, you also need to stay on top of your health. It’s so easy to fall into bad habits as there’s no one there to keep you accountable however doing the occasional home workout will do you the world of good. Instagram influencers such as Grace Beverly, Carys Whittaker and Natasha Oceane are all currently filling their feed with amazing equipment-free workouts and if you really fancy a challenge, try out Chloe Tings 2-week abs challenge over on YouTube. Imagine walking out of social isolation with a six-pack, yes, please!

Staying educated

It is also important to take care of your mind. Make sure you’re participating in online lectures and actively participating like you would a real-time lecture. It seems so easy to fall behind but exam season is just around the corner, don’t let this outbreak be the reason you get a 2:2 instead of a 1st!

Also, take this time to learn something new. Learn to bake (this skill will come in handy down the line as panic buying grows), try out a new language on Duolingo or crack out that painting kit you haven’t touched since GCSEs. Use this time to better yourself rather than just sitting about worrying about what the future holds. Remember this is just short term and we’ll be back to normal in no time. Look after yourself and check up on your neighbours, we’re all in this together.

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