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App-ly Yourself: The Best Apps to Help You Keep Fit During Lockdown

With many students and workers now finding themselves with a boat load of free time, lockdown presents a fine opportunity to get on the fitness trail. Being the 21st century and all, we are inundated with a plethora of sporting options that don’t include the gym. And naturally, technology has responded. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or beef up a little, we’ve got you covered with a few useful apps that’ll help you beat those quarantine blues.

Couch to 5k

This running app does exactly what it says on the tin: a nine-week training plan to get you from couch potato to running a 5k without stopping. Supported by the BBC and NHS, Couch to 5k is the perfect running app for beginners. Starting off with brisk walking and light running, the app will coach you to 30 minutes of running by the ninth week. You can also choose a celebrity speaker to guide you through your plan with the likes of Sarah Millican and Jo Whiley available.




With a great range of training videos and a calendar feature to help you plan your routine, MyTraining allows you to manage your training more effectively whilst keeping it fresh and varied. A  great bonus with the MyTraining app is the ability to contact a qualified coach in just a few minutes with its chat feature. As you progress and get fitter and stronger, the chat feature will allow you find the best way to further your routine.




The fitness app that many runners swear by. On Strava you can record different workout activities and analyse your statistics to help you visibly track your progress. The great perk for runners in particular however is Strava’s certified route system. This allows you to try out routes attempted and created by other users, which will give you that extra incentive to improve your times. Try Strava out with some friends – it’s a good way to add some healthy competition to your regime as well as another way to stay connected during lockdown.




Sworkit is an app that trades in customised, time-conscious workouts. Just tell Sworkit what kind of workout you’d like and how much time you have available and the app will deliver a workout that fits these specifications. Sworkit is particularly great in lockdown as it can deliver workouts that can be done in the home. As workout time can be managed effectively, this app will be useful for those looking to transition their workout back into normal life when lockdown is lifted.



My Virtual Mission

The exercise app with a twist – and one that will be enjoyable for those missing the outside world. My Virtual Mission allows the user to target a mapped goal or location, such as running to the Eiffel Tower. Every mile you exercise contributes to your goal which of course will help to keep you motivated in these trying times. The great thing about My Virtual Mission is that you don’t have to run to clock up those miles – you can cycle, walk, or swim or complete any other distance based exercise you can think of to tally up your miles.



Daily Yoga

The yoga app for everyone, from beginners to the advanced. Daily Yoga offers plans and workouts that cater to the user’s needs and level of fitness. Much like Couch to 5k, you can start out small with quick, easy workouts before progressing right up to sessions that exceed an hour.



30 Day Squat Challenge

We’ve all come to terms with lockdown and that it could be here for a while – so why not use it to your advantage? With this app, users attempt different styles of squat, all incorporated into daily workout regimes. The user will rotate through six different workouts, with rest days included, with the app offering a gradual increase in intensity throughout the 30 day workout plan. Day 30 is the peak, offering not only a final testing workout, but a measure of how far you’ve progressed across 30 days. Added bonus – it’s a great way to see track of what day it is during lockdown.

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