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The Best Celebrities to Follow on Instagram During Lockdown

You’re spending endless amounts of time indoors which probably means you’re spending more time than usual scrolling through Instagram. And there’s nothing wrong with that – sometimes we all need some celeb-fuelled vicariousness to help ease us through the day. And if you’re going to spend a fair amount of time scrolling through your feed, why not make it worth your while? As narcissistic as they can be, celebrities can offer little nuggets of wisdom or just some much needed comic relief to diffuse the ennui of lockdown. So here are a few enriching celebrity accounts on Instagram to get you started:

Florence Pugh

On the Oscar nominee and co-star of Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow’s feed you can expect plenty of energy and British humour, as well as a good old slice of Hollywood glamour. Pugh has quickly cemented herself as one of cinema’s hottest new properties but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten where she comes from. With loads of impromptu dance sessions and cooking classes, Florence has got content to suit anyone – especially those in need of cheering up. *quick Insta link* 

Jennifer Garner

Another hugely uplifting Hollywood actress to follow is Jennifer Garner. Anyone looking for great, wholesome content couldn’t go too far wrong by following the 13 Going on 30 star. When she isn’t celebrating other strong, successful women, Garner looks like she’s just enjoying being a mum – as her feed shows. Garner is a keen cook, regularly posting video guides with recipes. And as of late she’s been taking part in an initiative, Save With Stories, that sees celebrities reading beloved children’s stories on Instagram. *quick Insta link* 

Antoni Porowski

The Queer Eye star has also taken to cooking on Instagram, regularly posting his ‘Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine’ videos on his feed. With a mix of meat free meals and his own childhood favourites, you’re sure to discover something new with Antoni. Being one of the Fab 5, it’s no surprise that Antoni is very stylish and a king of captions. So for great style, great food, and great puns, look no further than Antoni Porowski. *quick Insta link* 

Seth Rogen

Perhaps the most unexpected, but pleasant feature of actor Seth Rogen’s Instagram feed is his love of beautifully designed ashtrays and vases. As well as being an avid collector, Rogen has taking to sculpting his own over the last couple of years – with very aesthetically pleasing results. As well as being treated to the wonderfully kitschy ashtrays, vases, and vintage toys that Rogen collects, expect some sweet pangs of nostalgia as he regularly posts behind the scene photos from some of his most popular films including the likes of Pineapple Express and The Lion King. And if that wasn’t enough – Rogen’s King Charles Spaniel, Zelda, is unbelievably adorable and features regularly on his feed too.*quick Insta link* 

Edgar Wright

In a time when the film industry has virtually ground to halt and cinemas have shut their doors, Edgar Wright, best known for directing the Cornetto Trilogy, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Baby Driver, has risen to the challenge. Like any director worth his salt, Wright’s film knowledge is rich and varied. And with his spare time in lockdown, Wright has taken to posting picture quizzes of the many films he is working his way through. And when he isn’t playing quizmaster, he’s posting behind the scenes shots from his films or jealousy-inducing photos of him hanging out with Rian Johnson and Bong Joon-ho. *quick Insta link* 

Kristen Bell

During lockdown the Frozen star has done her absolute best to celebrate those keeping the world afloat. Bell’s Instagram feed screams positivity and its infectious. As a mother, Bell has also taken to social media to help spread useful information and articles about coronavirus. By sharing a more positive side to the crisis and helping to educate her followers, Bell is contributing to a much needed culture of hope. For tales of uplift about real people like you and me, add Kristen Bell to your Instagram armoury. *quick Insta link* 

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