About us

About us

Hello, students. We’re Hello Student®.

We design, build and manage homes for students, all over the UK.

Here’s a roof over your head, done, dusted, whatever.

Erm, nope. That’s not us.

We’re not just about student housing – we’re about the whole student experience.

We’re here to help you find an amazing room. Where you can concentrate on your studies. Where you can succeed. But we want to do more than that. Like help you stay healthy. Make sure you feel totally, one million percent safe. Give you the chance to make new friends. To explore your city.

So. For each of our student buildings, we have a few must-haves. They have to be centrally located. Well-connected. Well-designed. We also build in community facilities and spaces wherever we can – like gyms, cinema rooms, study rooms and big shared kitchens – for students to meet, mingle, microwave.

We have buildings big and small. Historic and brand-spanking new. In all kinds of cities. Fit for all kinds of budgets.

Who lives in them? Undergrads, postgrads, students of all ages. From over 97 countries.

We give each building its own manager. Their whole purpose: the wellbeing, happiness, and convenience of their residents.

Students. Whatever you need, your accommodation manager will be there. They’ll tell you the quickest way to university. List the best food places nearby.

They’ll help you organise your tenancy.  Find the best deal on theatre tickets, point you towards the hip restaurants, then help you book a taxi to get there. Plan all sorts of weird and wonderful events for your building.

And just… listen. Be there. If you feel homesick, if you need someone to talk to, for whatever reason. They’ll always be there.

It’s about so much more than that roof over your head. All year round, we talk to residents, think, research, question how to make things easier, more enjoyable, more convenient for our students.

Then we do it.

Creating spaces where students blossom. That’s at the heart of everything we do.