Perfect for Postgraduates - Hello Student

Where you live at University makes all the difference

The perfect home is where you’ll achieve academic success, form lifelong friendships – and bloom. But what you want as a postgraduate student is likely to be different than what you wanted as an undergraduate.

You’re probably looking for a quiet space you can make your own.  Thats right next to everything . Your university for lectures and libraries. The city for shops and bars. And all your fellow students. It’s a space you can study in. A bright, well-organised place to work that helps you focus and succeed.

With just 100 rooms on average, Hello Student properties, are able to offer a private, discrete space with the highest safety standards. It’s secure. Comfortable. Warm.

Want to live alone?

Choosing a studio flat means that you’ll have your own private space with a bathroom, kitchen, living/studying and sleeping area.  Giving you the space to focus on you and your studies.

Want to live with other postgraduates?

Then our shared apartments are perfect for you.  Many have ensuite rooms with their own bathroom, and all have a large study desk and access to a fully-fitted kitchen and living space that you’ll share with other postgraduates.

And don’t forget that all utilities are included in the rent. Water, electricity, heating, WIFI and free contents insurance.  And there’s no deposits or fees to pay either!


Here are just a few of our favourites: