Terms & Conditions



Up to £500 worth of Technology when you book a room



  • Bookings in St Andrews and Sheffield using this offer, is only valid when the booking is made and signed between  3rd July 2024 and before 31st July 2024
  • Bookings in Exeter and Leeds using this offer, is only valid when the booking is made and signed between 22nd July 2024 and before 31st July 2024
  • Offer is for new bookings only.
  • Customer will be eligible for the tech incentive when they have made their first payment to Hello Student for 24/25 academic year.
  • Customer may chose from the following tech incentives:


Xbox Series X – 1 TB

Playstation 5

Meta Quest 3 128GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Tablet with S Pen, 128GB

Ipad 10th Edition


  • Their chosen incentive will be provided to them when they move in.
  • In some cases a voucher for the equivalent value will be provided.
  • Hello Student reserve the right to remove the promotion of this offer.
  • This offer is subject to availability.
  • Only one incentive offer can be used per booking.


Book your room in St. Andrews,  Sheffield, Exeter and  Leeds secure your tech of choice!


Refer a Friend


This refer a friend offer is available for all our students living within the following Hello Student Buildings: St Peter Studios, Summit House, South Bridge, Clifton Place, Dean Clarke Lofts, Library Lofts, Picturehouse Apartments, Kingsmill Studios, Princess Road East, Talbot Studios, Percy’s Lane, St Mark’s Court, Pennine House, Ayton House, Trippet Lane, Provincial House, Portobello House.


  • If you refer a friend for 2024/25 academic year, you as the ‘referrer’ and your friend the ‘referee’ will get your weekly food shop paid for, up to the value of £300 each, when the ‘referee’ moves in and makes their first payment.
  • As a referrer you must be living in a Hello Student building for the 24/25 academic year.
  • You can refer as many friends as you like. But the total amount of your incentive will not exceed your total annual rent.
  • You will be asked to provide a name, email address and date of birth for the person you are referring.
  • Referred friends must book a room via the website using the same email address that you have provided.
  • If either you or your referred friend cancel your booking, the offer will be void
  • Referred friends cannot be current residents.
  • This incentive is open to all 2024/25 students with a booking, including rebookers.
  • The £300 food shop voucher of your choice is given once your friends first payment is made.



Free Laundry when you book a Premium Bigger Studio in St Mark’s Court, Leeds.


  • Only applies to Premium bigger studios in St Marks.
  • Laundry card will be provided by the city team after moving in, once first payment made.
  • The laundry card expires at the end of academic year
  • We would only provide an amount up to £300, after this point there would be no further increase on the laundry card
  • Laundry offer only on pre-loaded card no cash is offered.
  • Offer only applies to bookings made in the new date range.
  • Only one incentive offer can be used per booking.