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Keeping the Momentum Going Until Christmas

After the long, hot summer, almost completely devoid of any academic stimulation, levels of motivation will be high. However, as is the case with most of us, that initial high will soon deplete as we slip into October and November and deadlines edge closer. So if you’re prone to becoming unmotivated as the semester progresses, have a read of our top tips to help you feel energised as the winter sweeps in.

By Jordan Osborne – MA in Creative Writing at The University of Portsmouth

Take note of your achievements - no matter how small

As we dig deep into the slog of university work, the seemingly endless word counts and assignments can make it seem like we’re making zero progress. One trick that worked for me was to mark milestones in my assignments – especially when you’re tackling huge ones. It may seem silly to celebrate completing a quarter of an essay but when that essay is a 10,000-word dissertation, it’ll help you realise how far you’ve already come. Smashing these mini targets will help keep you positive and motivated and more importantly on track to reach your deadlines. Think of it like the student’s equivalent to mile/kilometre markers for runners during a marathon

Remember why you started in the first place

One of the easiest ways to motivate yourself in testing times is to take a step back and look at the big picture. Amidst the stress and anxiety of university it’s easy to lose track of what we’re working towards. It’s important to take a moment to remind yourself why you’re here and how all of the tough work and stress will pay off eventually.

Find enthusiasm where you can

One of the soul-destroying aspects of a degree can be its ability to sap the excitement out of your favourite subject. One way of making essays and assignments feel less like hard work is to be enthusiastic about the task at hand. Try and be creative about the way you approach your research  and try and inject some excitement into your daily working routine to keep motivation levels high. The less you make your work seem like a chore, the easier it’ll become to complete.

Don’t ignore your friends and family

If you can’t motivate yourself, maybe your friends and family can. In the heat of academic battle your friends and family can be very supportive, helping to alleviate stress. Identifying friends who make for good study buddies can be helpful towards your motivation too. Like having someone to go to the gym with, a study partner will push you to work harder and more efficiently than you would by yourself. And if it helps, especially with friends on your course, use them as competition to motivate yourself. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to help us push towards a deadline and a better mark. The glory of finishing top of the class and ahead of your mates is a mighty incentive.

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