Being vegan in Lancaster isn’t as hard as you may think

While I’ve been a vegetarian for all my life, I became a vegan just before I joined university. I was anxious about how difficult it would be to cut out some dietary staples while also adjusting to living independently. As it turned out I needn’t have worried: Lancaster is well-stocked for vegans.

Being in my third year of University, I’ve got to know Lancaster’s campus and city very well: particularly its hidden hotspots for vegans.

By Siri Hampapur, 3rd year Media & Cultural Studies at University of Lancaster


Eating off campus

Whale Tail: If you’re worried about veganism getting samey, you don’t need to look any further than Whale Tail cafe to prove you wrong. Their menu is expansive and exclusively vegetarian or vegan. Even the drinks are organic! Not only that, they have an ever-changing specials board. Even if you’re not stopping for a full meal – Whale Tail has a really nice atmosphere and garden and serves vegan cakes and coffees (with a range of milk alternatives).


Roots: Similar to Whale Tail, but slightly more central, is Roots: a vegetarian cafe that boasts its use of organic, fresh, local and ethical ingredients. Both of these places really prove that, being a vegan, you’re never missing out. Even my non-vegan friends go to these places and enjoy their delicious range of foods!

Eating on campus

Cafe 21: Cafe 21 not only offers the biggest range of vegan food anywhere on campus – it also offers arguably the best views. The menu is entirely meat-free and locally sourced and the prices are reasonable (which was a big concern of mine going vegan!). Undoubtedly the best part is the rooftop balcony, which offers views of Morecambe Bay and the Bowland Fells. It’s an amazing place for vegetarians and vegans to have right on our doorstep on campus.


Sainsburys: It may surprise you but Sainsburys is well stocked for vegans! Our Lancaster store is one of the bigger ones and it contains two free-from sections. That stocks plenty of ready meals that you might not expect to be available for vegans. My favourite is Mac and Cheese, but you can also get Chicken Tikka Masala and pizzas.

Single Step: This is the shop next to Whale Tail cafe. It’s a wholefoods organic shop that does loads of vegan food. It does meat free stuff, vegan cheeses and chocolate. You can find pretty much vegan anything in there! But it’s quite dear so you wouldn’t do your full shop in there just to get a few treats.

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