How to get into a new Sport at University

I still remember the moment I decided I wanted to play rugby. It was October, 2007, the night of the Rugby World Cup Final. England were playing South Africa and I was enthralled with the action on screen; the searing pace, the hard hits and the electric atmosphere made for an amazing first experience with a sport I have had the pleasure of playing for 11 years since.

But, for many, getting into an entirely new sport isn’t always easy, especially at University where suddenly you are a lot more dependent on yourself to make changes in life.  So, for those who want to meet friends, get a little healthier or simply have fun here are some tips for getting into sport.

By Stan Buckley, 2nd year Business studies at Lancaster Univeristy


Don’t be afraid of being behind

When starting anything in life, you will naturally not perform as well as those who have been practicing their skills for years: the same is true for sport. As someone wanting to try something new, you should never be worried about the challenge of becoming better and attempting to enhance your own skills.

The very nature of University is about change and opportunity. When you start you course you are starting from a blank slate, changing your writing style, becoming more independent in your work. Starting a new sport is a new challenge to tackle and if you throw yourself into everything then you will receive nothing but encouragement from team-mates: they all know the feeling of first starting.

Do your research

If you plan on starting a new sport, you need to at least believe it is something you will go in and enjoy. Whether you decide on your sport by a suggestion from others or simply flicking through channels, you must ensure you really know what you’re getting into.

Not only does this ensure that you arrive physically prepared (correct equipment etc.) but also mentally. You’re going into something you want to get better at and enjoy and that goes a long way.

Go along with friends

Personally, this is definitely the best way to get started. Being introduced into something new by someone you’re already comfortable will not only help to relax any nerves but any questions (as anyone starting something new will always have) can be answered who appreciates that you’re a new starter. Furthermore, someone who already possess’ a passion for the sport in question will be far better suited to instil that within you.

You have nothing to lose by trying something new and there’s no better feeling than feeling yourself improve and help your team. So whatever sport you decide to do, make sure you give it everything!

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