Top Art Venues you need to visit in Glasgow

Glasgow is known for its incredibly varied culture scene, with many famous artists, musicians, and writers originating from and honing their practise in the city. To help you explore the artsy side of the city, we’ve compiled a short list of lesser known art venues you need to visit once you’ve unpacked!

By Katy Scott, Glasgow Univeristy


Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is one of the many artistic ventures housed in Trongate 103. It’s so unique and wonderful that it needs to be seen to be fully appreciated for what it is. The description of the show sounds bizarre – picture this: old bits and pieces of metal and wood, mostly picked up at the Barras, carved and engineered to perform strange stories from the life of an escapee from Soviet Russia, accompanied by a lights show and music. It’s one of Glasgow’s most unusual and beautiful hidden treasures and, with student tickets costing just £6 and the exhibition being free, there’s no reason not to go.


The Contemporary Centre for Arts (CCA) is just a short walk down Sauchiehall Street, and if you’ve never had a look in, you’re missing out. The CCA offers free exhibitions alongside the beautiful veggie/vegan-friendly cafe Saramago, and artists’ studios. All year round, the centre offers original art exhibitions, poetry, music, theatre, and film displays – and they’re often free or very affordable. Also, there are numerous opportunities for up and coming artists work on their art alongside more experienced artists.


Polo, AXM, Delmonica’s – what do these places all have in common? Every week, they showcase the best that Glasgow drag has to offer. The Glasgow drag scene is beyond impressive, with kings and queens performing original (and incredibly entertaining) shows every week. For Glasgow students, the QMU and the Gilchrist host drag shows from time to time, as does the Hillhead Bookclub with their drag bingo night. So, frankly, if you’ve still not seen a drag show, I don’t know how you’ve managed to avoid them. They’re also free – but tips are encouraged!


This one might be a little bit far from campus, but hear me out. Tramway is an all-encompassing arts centre which hosts free exhibits, workshops, and social groups. Its projects are incredibly interesting, with one of the current exhibitions exploring art produced in prisons, secure hospitals, and children’s homes. The rear of the building leads onto the beautiful hidden gardens, which has a great view of the neighbouring Guardwara. It’s also right next to a train station with direct links to central, so there’s not even that much walking required!


Glasgow boasts a thriving arts scene, with everything you can imagine and more – but hopefully these recommendations will help you begin exploring what the city has to offer!

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