Routines to Survive University

One of the things I wish I’d known before coming to university is that routines are everything. They are lifesavers, especially when it comes to balancing the three different sides of your uni life: the academic, the extra-curricular and the social.

For those who will be moving to uni, routines will greatly abate the overwhelming homesickness that comes part and parcel with moving out. That being said, routines do not exist for you to fill your days up, but instead provide you with some structure to get up and get on with your newfound independence. Hence why also establishing a realistic routine is important.

And for those who have just left Sixth Form arriving at university, you may find yourself wistful and longing for the school days of regimented hours. Which meant- albeit reluctantly- you managed to get your work complete during study periods and a few hours after-school and then time left over was your own.

Well in uni all of this is non-existent, you’re left to your own devices when it comes to creating and implementing these routines and you’ll find your days, at the start, completely in flux.

So here are some tips for those who crave a bit of structure in their lives.

By Annissa Warsame – 2nd Year History and Politics at Falmouth University


Try not to get into the habit of waking up late every day

It is so easy to start but an incredibly difficult habit to shake. Aim to be up before 9am and you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of hours during the day to complete all your work and then some.

Divide your time between your academic, extra-curricular and social life

I found, during my first year, that joining the student paper and holding down a part-time job meant I had to think about scheduling and this forced me into enforcing some sort of structure with my day.

If I had work in the morning, a lecture mid-day and then a meeting in the evening I would fit in a few hours at the library to catch up on some work and lunch. Et voila, your time is structured perfectly.

Set aside a day each week for doing your laundry, grocery shopping and other mundane chores

Arguably these are the chores that take the most out of our time because it involves actually leaving the comfort of your room to complete them.

For grocery shopping, one of the perks of our modern age is that online shopping can make this step mostly obsolete. But that option involves also paying for a delivery fee and as a cash-strapped student, you may want to make most of those end-of-the-day bargains on goods. Therefore, if you choose a day or hour to shop, just before closing time is usually your best bet.

Onto laundry: the morning after student night is the perfect time. The laundry room will be desolate, and you’ll almost always have your pick of the washing machines and dryers.

For mundane chores such as washing up the dishes, always do that regularly or else it’ll all pile up and you’ll become even more reluctant to do it. Also if you wash up regularly you won’t be that inconsiderate flatmate who clutters the place with their dishes. (Believe me it’s super annoying).

These are just a few tips and tricks that are relatively easy to follow but have a drastic impact on the quality of your university life. I mainly learnt most of them through trial and error and hopefully they help you navigate your way through the new chapter you’re beginning. Good luck!

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