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A Student Guide to Exeter

After years of hard work, you’ve made it into the University of Exeter, fondly thought of by many of the students as probably the best University in the world. Whilst it is well known for its high tree to student ratio, there is a lot else to be admired about this university. It is also of the utmost importance to remember that outside of the University itself there is the city of Exeter to explore, as well as the beaches only being a short train ride away, and not forgetting the rest of Devon. Therefore, listed below are a number of the key places that are arguably crucial to visit before your time in Exeter is over!

By Natalie Keffley – 3rd Year English at The University of Exeter

The Old Firehouse

Renowned for its humongous pizzas at extremely reasonable rates, as well as previously being believed to have provided inspiration for the Leaky Cauldron in Harry Potter. Although this fact has now been proved wrong, its flavoured ciders and fairy lit atmosphere makes it well worth a trip.

Exmouth, Dawlish, Teignmouth…the list goes on

These beaches are only a twenty to thirty-minute journey by train (or car if you are lucky enough to have one with you at university) and definitely aren’t visited enough. If you fancy an escape from the university bubble they are well worth a trip to, particularly after finishing exams in the summer months when it is warm enough to go in the sea!

The Quay

A destination only half an hour walk from the university campus that can sometimes feel too far away, yet once you get there it is a place with many restaurants and cafes overlooking the water. It also has a running and cycle route alongside the river which is considerably flatter than a lot of the city known for its steep hills!


A personal favourite club, based underground and rather intimate it often has 90s or Indie music nights. It is a great place if you are after slightly more alternative music, and a comfier setting, even having sofas by the bar rather than the bigger and more standard clubs such as TP and Unit 1. Cavern also has live bands that perform regularly, including bands made up of Exeter students!

Glorious Art House

A cafe easy to spot for its bright colours from the outside and inside, it does the most amazing hot chocolates, and whilst the downstairs is a busy but cosy environment, there is also an upstairs that always has space, and also exhibits artwork that is for sale.

The university library

Saving the arguably dullest location until last, it is hard to believe I am recommending this, yet it is also one that is certainly easy to forget about until the end of third year when you suddenly realise you don’t know where anything is. It is not necessarily just for using as a place of study, but rather knowing it is there with multiple resources to use for essays/research etc that you can’t always find online.

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