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Inspirational Women You Should Be Following On Instagram

The amount of time that most of us spend on social media is embarrassingly high. It’s become second nature to aimlessly scroll, watching distant acquaintances’ stories, double-tapping selfies and tagging the squad in memes describing your ineffable emotions. Often we don’t even realise quite how much time we spend doing it – it’s become our default neutral.

So whilst attempting to be productively conscious of it (which can be difficult) why not make sure that the stuff you’re mind-numbingly scrolling through is beneficial! If spending time on social media doesn’t make you feel inspired or good about yourself, you’re not following the right people. There’s a lot of toxic, unrealistic life and body expectations out there exploiting you and your self-worth. It’s time for a change around – feed your feed with goodness.

Here are some inspirational women who are doing massive bits and have been doing so for ages. They radiate positivity, intellectuality, self-worth, self-care, wisdom and also happen to be hilarious. If you’re not already following them, why the hell are you still here?!

By Rahel Girma

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe came to the public’s attention in 2017 when she became the first openly transgender model to be employed in a UK L’Oreal campaign. She was subsequently dropped from the campaign in a bid for L’Oreal to further silence anti-racists, after she spoke up about the Charlottesville rally. Since then, Munroe has become a huge inspiration, public figure and role model, using her social media platform to educate, inspire and protest for trans, queer, women and people of colour’s rights, as well as show off her incredible looks.


Chidera Eggerue

Rising to fame through her internet-breaking #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER movement, Chidera is busy changing the way the world views women’s bodies, hair loss, black lives, relationships and self-care. She is also the best-selling author of 2018’s What A Time To Be Alone which encourages readers to seek solace within themselves before running into relationships, and to ignore the societal notion that we’re incomplete if we’re single. Her Instagram is filled with infinite wisdom, wholesomeness, sass and self-awe.


Florence Given

Artist and social-issues advocate Florence is a designer and illustrator. Her pieces feature bold, dominating women and she uses her large platform to educate and inspire. She rose to the public eye in 2018 with her petition to ‘Cancel Netflix’s Body-Shaming Series Insatiable’ which received over 236,000 signatures. Dressed like she’s fallen out of a vintage fashion magazine, Florence is bopping away the patriarchy, one IDGAF at a time. Disclosure: she will encourage you to dump your boyfriend and you will do it because she is right.


Jameela Jamil

You might remember Jameela from presenting Freshly Squeezed back in the day, and since then the actress, model, presenter and activist hasn’t stopped. She was recently interviewed on Channel 4 speaking on the toxic narrative of the media’s portrayal of women. She’s become one of the faces of the body positivity revolution, displayed on her other Instagram account @i_weigh. She also takes a stand against the damaging effects of airbrushing and ensures that none of the publications she features in edit or whitewash her appearance.


La’Shaunae Steward

La’Shaunae gained Instagram popularity through abusive circumstances, when a troll fat-shamed a photo of her, but cheers to the haters, because in turn this gave her the positive recognition she deserved. She recently collaborated with Jeffrey Campbell on a size-inclusive shoe line and has created Inclus Models, which brings the full spectrum of beauty to modelling by the ignoring the typical eurocentric standards. Her instagram is filled with incredible looks and selfies, celebrating and embracing the magnificence in all body types, which is not seen enough.


Emilia Ortiz

Self-titled bruja, healer and creative, empath Emilia is a spiritual advisor and motivational speaker. She takes a different approach to the many healers on the internet, speaking to her audience like her friends and offering genuine, relatable, raw and attainable advice on issues that everyone faces. She also dabbles with beauty tips and speaks up on social issues, all with an effortless sass, class, wisdom and straightforwardness that you didn’t know you needed.


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