Top Weekend Destinations this Winter

With the Summer gradually drawing to a close, the days getting chillier and the beginning of a new term at University just around the corner, it can feel like it’ll be a long hard slog before you next get a break, let alone a proper holiday. One of the great things about going to University in Europe, however, is that there are so many amazing countries and cities to visit right at our fingertips! These trips don’t have to be long, difficult to get to or expensive, and they are a great way to take a bit of time out from the long winter months to go and explore a new place. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a weekend away with friends, or just a quick city break for yourself, here are some of the top weekend destinations in Europe this winter.

By Lily Cannon


Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s capital city has a huge range of activities, sights and scenery to make it a top tourist destination. It is well known for being one of the most scenic capital cities in the whole of Europe, and this isn’t surprising given the winding cobblestone streets, the Royal Mile, the castle perched above the city, or the famous Arthur’s seat. You will never be short of something to do in Edinburgh, and while many people prefer to go during Summer for the Fringe Festival, there is also Hogmanay, the famous New Year’s Eve party in the streets of the city.

Amsterdam, Holland

The beautiful green canals, the bikes lining the bridges and streets, the numerous coffee shops and bakeries; Amsterdam is on many people’s destination wish lists whether they’ve never been before or if they’ve been many times. The city also has an excellent arts and culture scene as well as a great bar and clubbing scene, making it one of the more exciting and vibrant cities in Europe to visit. On a side note, another bonus is that flights to Amsterdam always seem to be ridiculously reasonably priced, so keep an eye out for deals!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen at Christmas is the EXACT vision of the idyllic European fairytale dream. The canals are dotted with tall, thin colourful houses, wreaths hanging from the doors and there is another Christmas market to explore everywhere you go. There is definitely no shortage of trendy, cosy cafes and bars here either. But if street food is more your style then you can definitely get that here too, with plenty of stalls selling delicious and traditional Danish treats lining most busy streets.

Prague, Czech Republic

Apart from December, the Winter is low season in Prague meaning less tourists, lower prices and easier access to the most popular attractions, bars and restaurants. Although the weather is bitingly cold at this time, the snowy cobbled streets and warm dimly lit bars that you can duck into to hide from the snow give the city a really magical feel. As well as this, traditional Czech food is perfect for this time of year and the delicious stews, goulash and dumplings will have you warmed up in no time. The Christmas market here, that runs from November to January, is one of the best in Europe and the grand, medieval town centre makes for a wonderful festive atmosphere.

Suffolk, England

Suffolk is known for its sweeping hills, beautiful countryside towns, blustery walks and spectacular coastal views, all of which are arguably made only better in the winter months. What could be better than long walks followed by slipping into a small village pub for some local cider and warmth by the fire? With trains going direct from London, this is an easy and cheap way to get away from the city and breathe some country air.

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