5 of the Best Pubs in Southampton

Nothing beats a cold pint after a hard day’s work in the library, right? My friends and I aren’t short of visiting every pub in Southampton, so I’m going to share with you my favourites and I hope you love them too.

Emily Fisher


The Bedford - Bedford Place

This pub is definitely top of my list for many reasons! Weekday or weekend, The Bedford always has a chilled out vibe which is great for students, and the staff are always super friendly. They offer a great variety of drinks including canned cocktails which are my go-to, or if you’re trying to save money, opt for the house wine (it’s ridiculously cheap). You can also challenge your friends to a game of pool (at a fee of £1.50), or relax and watch whatever is on the TV. Such a great choice for all different occasions.

The Giddy Bridge - London Road

Would this even be a student pub round-up if it didn’t include a Wetherspoons? There are 3 to choose from in Southampton and they are all relatively similar, except The Giddy Bridge is the best choice in the summer as it has the biggest beer garden. It’s also positioned the closest to the town centre and right in the middle of lots of other great pubs. I’d be surprised if you’ve never been to a Wetherspoons before, especially if you’re a student because you can get a pint for under £2. Madness! Need I say anymore?

The Shooting Star - Bevois Valley Road

This pub is a little further out of town and probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is one of my personal favourites for a few reasons! There is always a great mixture of people drinking there and the atmosphere somehow feels nostalgic. Again, it’s a great one during the summer months as the beer garden is lovely. A huge space filled with pool tables, cool art work and fairy lights. What more is there to love? Oh, probably their delicious pint cocktails and outdoor pizza oven!

The Rockstone - Bevois Valley

A bit of a smaller pub, but it’s a nice one to visit if you’re looking for a more intimate, cosy feel. It’s got a really cute little garden at the back of the pub too. The drinks aren’t the cheapest, but I wanted to add this to the list as I feel like it’s quite a special pub and I do love to visit it occasionally. They offer food too, which I am yet to try but it’s supposed to be great! A very traditional, warm and relaxing pub. One to visit on a special occasion.

Revolution - Bedford Place

Less of a pub, more of a bar that turns into a fun place to dance on the weekends. Revolution is a chain so I’m sure some of you may have visited one before, but I think it’s always a great option as there is something for everyone. It also has a lovely roof terrace which they open up during the summer months, a great place to spend your lunch break and have a quick drink with friends in the sun. Make sure you download the ‘Revs’ app for great discounts and offers!

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