Revision Techniques: Top Tips to Ace Your Exams

It’s that time of year again – exam season! With so much riding on your exam results, it’s important to make sure you are prepared and you have mastered your revision techniques that work best for you. Read on for our top tips on the most effective revision methods, time management, creating the ideal study environment, and looking after your well-being so you can ace your exams.


What Revision Technique is Best for Me?



Everyone studies differently, so it’s important to figure out which revision methods work for you. Some of the best revision techniques include:

  • Mind maps and visual aids – condense info into memorable diagrams. Colour-coding related topics helps reinforce connections.
  • Flashcards – repetitively test yourself on key facts. Shuffle the cards each time to check you really know the content.
  • Practice exam questions – get used to the exam format. Time yourself for full exam conditions.
  • Record yourself explaining concepts – identify knowledge gaps. Listen back while commuting or exercising to reinforce learning.
  • Teach a friend – explain topics out loud to improve recall. Having an audience helps cement knowledge.


Try out a few different techniques and see what allows you to retain information best. Combining visual, written, and verbal methods is often most effective for full understanding.


Why Time Management is Important for Students


Apart from mastering revision techniques, other factors play a part in acing your exams too.

With multiple exams spanning several weeks, time management is crucial. Prioritise the subjects you find most challenging and allocate revision time accordingly. Break revision down hour-by-hour and stick to your schedule.

Avoid distractions like social media that sap your time. Use productivity tools like calendars, to-do lists, and apps like Forest to stay focused. Remember to schedule in breaks to recharge. Don’t overschedule – leave buffer time for the unexpected.


The Best Study Environment for Students


To put your revision techniques into action, you need the correct study environment for you. Your environment can make or break productive university revision. Seek out quiet spaces away from disruptions. Many Hello Student residences have private study rooms you can book.

Work near motivated peers for a focused atmosphere. Turn off notifications on your devices and use website blockers like StayFocusd to avoid digital distractions. Have refreshments on hand to maximise your time.


Finding the Right Space


If your home is too noisy, try a library, café, or our relaxed communal spaces. Work near a window for natural light and fresh air circulation. Organise your notes neatly and ensure you have water, snacks, and anything else to avoid interrupting your study flow. Avoid busy areas where noise can break your concentration.


Studying with Your Friends/others


Group study can inspire you to work harder, as you teach and test each other. But set ground rules like putting phones away to maintain concentration. Use platforms like Google Docs if you are revising the same content, so you don’t duplicate efforts. Quiz each other on weak spots to improve.

Your Well-being During Exams


Exam stress can really impact your mental health. Try to avoid energy drinks and aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Exercise like yoga or walking to destress. Practise mindfulness techniques like meditation too. Don’t revise past a set time so you unwind before bed.


Download the Wisdom app specifically for our Hello Student residents


All our residents get free access to the well-being app Wisdom. It has tools to monitor your mood daily, set health goals and connect you to counsellors 24/7 via chat, phone, or video call. So, if exam pressure gets too much, support is always available at your fingertips. The app also has four-week plans to reach your wellness targets, mini health checks for mental assessments, customisable content aligned to your needs, and more. Whatever you’re going through, Wisdom has the resources, so you don’t need to struggle alone.

With some planning and self-care, you can absolutely succeed in your exams this year. Reach out to us if you need any guidance – we want all our residents to thrive! If you are studying for your AS or A levels, check out our student accommodation at for the ideal study-friendly environment.

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