Hello, Students. Welcome Home

Your studies, your social life, your whole experience of university. It starts with your home.

Our homes put you right next to your university, close to the city centre, and living with other students.

We take classic, characterful, buildings and turn them into amazing student homes. You could live in a centuries-old church, a library, or a ballet school. A city registry. A funky 70s office block. We also offer purpose-built, beautifully designed, brand new student accommodation.

Inside: everything you need. Like high-speed, reliable internet. Woosh. High-spec kitchens, ensuite bathrooms and laundry on site. TV, if you want it.

In many of our buildings, you’ll also find communal spaces to study, rest and meet with friends. Like quiet study spaces, where you can work on that essay. And gyms, where you can work out after that essay.

“The overall experience at Europa House has been delightful, thank you mostly to the current Manager Sophie, the woman who always made me smile in the morning when I was on the way to class and coming back. She absolutely did a great job in making us all satisfied and showed great sense of Humanity and made us laugh and smile. Thank you very much Sophie and Andrew for making it my second Home”

“My studio flat is lovely, the interior is literally beautiful, I was extremely pleased when I first saw it and I love the fact that I get to live here. ”

“My room is spacious, very much "cosy" and clean. The building is idyllic. Additionally, the location of it is ideal. I feel living here has improved my experience so far of university life and would recommend it to fellow students.”

“It's been a blessing to find an accommodation that feels like home with friendly staff”

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