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Student accommodation in Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Napier. Heriot-Watt. Queen Margaret University. Live close to them all. Rooms available from £219!

It’s the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature. So what better place to study?

If you’re a writer, it’s the perfect place. Storytelling events, literary festivals. Book shops and cafes. Literature – literally everywhere.

If you’re not a writer, it’s the perfect place. This is a city built for fun. The best of British high street shops – you’ll find them on George Street. Some pretty amazing cocktail bars, too. And on Rose Street you’ll find more pubs than on any other street in Edinburgh.

Looking for something a little more… luxurious? Look no further than Multrees Walk in St Andrews Square, for all the global and classic British brands you could dream of. Like Harvey Nichols. Louis Vuitton. Burberry.

This is a contemporary capital city. But it comes with a rich history, too. Explore the narrow, cobbled alleys of the Old Town and the elegant crescents of the New Town. Crane your neck at tall, beautifully preserved historic buildings, and look down to spot the forgotten vaults beneath the city.

You’ll love it here.

Our Edinburgh Student Accommodation

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27 King’s Stables Road

Iconic views just a stones throw from the University of Edinburgh

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Buccleuch Street

A beautiful, historic street. Uber modern interiors. A place that feels like home.

Post Grad by Hello Student

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South Bridge

Postgraduate Accommodation on the doorstep of the University of Edinburgh