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Riverside living right on campus

Right in the heart of Huddersfield city centre and on the doorstep of University of Huddersfield, it is truly in an enviable location.

There’s shared spaces, too. A gym. A cinema. Brilliant, stylish facilities and river views that would be more at home in a boutique hotel than a student residence.

It’s perfect. We don’t ask for deposits or fees and all your utilities are included in the rent – water, electricity, WIFI, and free contents insurance. 

Double perfect.

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19/20 Short term and semester lets available. Call now on 0141 231 1498 to book

My dad was a little worried when I wanted to move into a student complex so he personally helped me find a nice place. One of his friends told him about Kingsmill and when we visited, he immediately approved. He said he loves that the place offers all kinds of amenities and superior living experience.
Zoe Neeson
I was worried about accommodation because I was coming to UK from abroad. I had shortlisted Kingsmill Studios and to my surprise the room looked exactly as advertised. I booked it on the spot and I am enjoying my stay here.
Zoe Perry
What made Kingsmill Studios stand out that much more were the facilities that they were offering. Along with modern furniture and a furnished kitchen, there was a gym in the facility and a cinema for students. I have made so many friends during my time here. I highly recommend Kingsmill Studios for students.
Keleigh Marston
For me, selecting Kingsmill Studios was easy. It was close to University and the rooms looked big and spacious. Also, I was very relieved that the rent included utilities. This ensured I did not have to worry about paying bills. There was also a gym in the building, which worked out very well for me. I have been staying here for the past 30 odd weeks and I love my stay here.
Fiona Parker
I wanted living quarters of my own, with my own space without intruding on others’ space or having my space intruded on by others. This was a priority while I was hunting for an apartment. The Kingsmill Stuios ticked all of my boxes. I could get my own space and yet make friends with many international students like me. And they had a great rental plan. That’s where I booked my stay for a year, and when I felt the living conditions were excellent, I booked my second year of University too. I recommend the Kingsmill Stuios.
Preston Bailey
Thank you Kingsmill Studios for such a cozy and well-furnished room. I absolutely enjoyed my stay here. The apartments here are very well maintained and the occupants well taken care of. Needless to say, I recommend Kingsmill Studios to anyone
Marianne Wolff

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Gold 2-Bed Apartment Ensuite

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Gold 2-Bed Apartment Ensuite

£141.00 16 05 Sep 2020 Sold Out
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Silver Studio

£150.00 51 05 Sep 2020 Rooms Available
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Silver Studio

£160.00 16 05 Sep 2020 Rooms Available
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Gold Studio

£173.00 51 05 Sep 2020 Rooms Available
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Gold Studio

£185.00 16 05 Sep 2020 Rooms Available
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Platinum Studio

£199.00 51 05 Sep 2020 Rooms Available
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Platinum Studio

£212.00 16 05 Sep 2020 Rooms Available
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