Streeeetch your legs
St Andrews, obviously

St Andrews

A home for students at – you guessed it – St Andrews University.

St Andrews. Home of Scotland’s oldest university. Pioneering educational facility... World-class centre of research...

Who are we kidding?! It’s where William met Kate. Ground zero for a prince and his princess.

But there’s more to this spiffing old place than the chance to bag a royal.

The beaches, for starters, that stretch between city and sea. West Sands is the most well-known. A place so spectacular you might see it in a movie. Like, say, the opening scene of Chariots of Fire.

Golf, next. Beautiful courses. A brilliant museum. St Andrews has been dubbed the spiritual home of golf. The Open’s been held here 29 times. So come armed with your clubs. You can’t pass up greens this good.

Third stop, history. The city’s steeped in it. A university founded in 1413. Narrow alleys and cobbled streets that wind in and around the castle and cathedral. The Church of St Romulus, with its 108ft tower that offers a panoramic view of town and surrounds.

Last, the culture. But certainly not least. Fantastic museums. Amazing art. A vibrant dramatic scene. There’s everything here. The sort of heady blend that might just put Edinburgh, 50 miles south, to shame.

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