All utilities

Electricity, gas, and 24-hour hot water. No need to worry about rising energy costs, we’ve got you covered

High-speed internet and Wi-Fi

Throughout the building and bedrooms, with an ethernet* cable connection in your room. You’ll receive details on how to connect your devices when you move in. *There is currently no ethernet connection available at Centro Court, Piccadilly Place, Widcombe Wharf , Canal Bridge and Radway House.

Council tax

As a student, you don’t have to pay. (But once your course has officially ended, you’ll no longer be classified as a student. So if you keep living in the UK after your course is over, you’ll have to start paying council tax.)


A flat-screen, 32-inch TV, to be precise. With 40 channels. The majority of our apartments and studios have  a TV in either the bedroom or shared common space  –  but do check with your accommodation manager to make sure.

Bringing your own TV? There’ll be a TV aerial point in your bedroom, so it’s easy to set up.

Remember: you’re responsible for getting your own TV licence.

Personal contents insurance

To see exactly what’s covered, just ask your accommodation manager.


Please see Types of Room here for more on which rooms contain what. You’ll always get a bed, desk, chair, bookshelves, wardrobe, and plenty of storage.


You’re responsible for cleaning your own room, and your shared kitchen if you’re living in an apartment. (Fair enough, right?!) But don’t worry, we take care of all other rooms, corridors and communal areas.

Friendly management

Your accommodation manager is like an administrator, event planner, and buddy, all rolled into one. They will:

  • Welcome you to your new home, give you your keys and show you around.
  • Tell you whatever you need to know about the local area – the best shops, where your campus is, and much more.
  • Arrange events for your whole building to enjoy (if you have any ideas, they’d love to hear them!).
  • Keep your parcels safe, and email you when they arrive.
  • Take your rent payments and answer any questions about booking or accounts.
  • Arrange maintenance visits for your room.
  • Be there. To talk, to listen, about anything that’s on your mind. If you want to arrange a quiet private chat, just ask.

Head to reception to find your accommodation manager – that’s their base during working hours. Even after hours though, there’ll always be a resident representative on site for anything you need.