How it works

Here’s how it all works.

Everything you need to know about living with Hello Student, right here.

You’ll find information about  booking a room and what types of rooms there are.


We’ve got all you need to know about paying rent, moving in and moving out and what’s included in your rent (hint: it covers a lot).


If you’re an international student, we’ve got information for you too. We have useful guides to VISAs, phones and bank accounts. And what about while you’re here? Where does your mail go? What happens if something needs fixing?!


You’ll find all the answers down here.


How to book

Online (on this site!) just choose your city, find the property that suits you best, choose a room, then follow the instructions from there.

You can call us to book, using the number on your chosen property’s page. Or email our team at

Or book in person. Call us to make an appointment (you’ll find each property’s number on its property page). Our team will answer your questions, show you round the building, and help you book.

The booking process

To book with us, we’ll ask you to complete a simple online form. We’ll ask you your name, number and email (all the usual personal details) and how you’d like to pay.

After that’s all done, and we’ve accepted your booking, you’ll be sent an offer of accommodation. We’ll send you a link to complete some further details and access your tenancy agreement which you’ll need to sign and return to us within 14 days and then… that’s it. You’ve booked a room. Congrats!

Any special requests?

We want to make sure your room’s just right. On your booking form, you’ll see a preference box. There, you can tell us if you’re looking for anything in particular from your room. Things like: I want to live with my friends. We’ll do our best to make sure it happens.

Types of room

You’ll see a few different types of room when you’re browsing our buildings. Here’s what you can book.

A room. Your own bed, desk, chair, bookshelves, wardrobe, and plenty of storage. It’s almost always ensuite, and gives you access to the building's shared community spaces, like gyms and study rooms.

A studio. This gives you your own study space, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. You’ll have access to shared community spaces in the building, like cinemas. Some of our studios are big enough to share between two – this option will be available when you book. Note: you both have to be full-time students, studying in the UK.

Shared apartments. You can book one room, or a whole apartment to share with friends. You’ll get your own bedroom, with a study area, and almost always, an ensuite. You’ll share a kitchen and lounge with your new flatmates, and depending on the property, some great community spaces too.

Paying rent

Types of community spaces

Our buildings are more than the sum of their rooms. So in almost every Hello Student property, you’ll find places to meet, play, and work with other students. Here are a few.

Gyms. You’ll likely find treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, and fitness and weight training equipment.

Cinema rooms. A huge projection screen, with surround sound, and remote control. And ambient lounge seating. (Comfy.) Use the blu-ray player, or plug in your laptop to play your own films.

Games rooms. Here, you’ll find foosball. Or pool. Or table tennis. And fun. Competition. Laughter.

Study rooms. There are small rooms for private study, and large rooms for group work.

How to pay

You can pay via a recurring card, direct debit or bank transfer. (No cash or cheques, sorry.)

If you’d like to pay another way or want to change a payment method you’ve already set up, please contact your accommodation manager directly.

You can pay your whole year’s rent, in full, at the start of the year. That way you won’t need a guarantor.

Or you can pay in instalments – you’ll need a guarantor to do that.


If you’re paying your rent in instalments, you’ll need a guarantor. That gives us – and you – the security that your rent will be paid in full.

This person should be a permanent resident of the UK, who has lived in the UK for more than three years, and is recognised as a taxpayer by HMRC.

They’ll need to provide us with proof of address (less than three months old) and photo ID. They’ll also need to provide proof of available funds (for example, three months of payslips and/or a recent bank statement).

Don’t have a UK guarantor? You can still pay in instalments, with a guarantor from Housing Hand.

Living in Scotland?

In Scotland, we’ll only ask you to pay up to six months’ rent in advance. But if you want to, you can still pay for the whole year. Just give your property’s team a call.

Moving in and moving out

Moving in

You’ll find your check in date on the front page of your tenancy document. It’s under ‘start date’. You can arrive on your check in date, or any day after that.

Arriving on the day? We’ll give you a time slot to help you avoid traffic.

Drivers: we recommend checking out the area beforehand and making sure you know where to park. Coming in by train or plane? Book your taxi in advance if you can, or ask your accommodation manager to do it for you.

Our staff will be here to help you move – unloading stuff, giving you your keys, showing you around, and telling you about your new city.

What to bring

  • Your passport, passport-sized photos, ID and visa. You’ll need these to enrol with your university, join societies, and get a part-time job (if you want one).
  • Bedding.
  • Kitchen utensils.
  • Decorations and personal things that make your room feel like home.
  • Clothes of all types – from lounging around, to going to lectures, to nights out, to formal balls. Oh, and coat hangers.
  • If you’re bringing electrical items, bring extension leads, and a UK plug converter too.
  • Bike, helmet, bicycle repair kit. A bike’s a cheap, environmentally-friendly way to get around your new city. We have free bike storage at almost all our properties, too.
  • A first aid kit – plasters, sterile dressings, that kind of thing. Just in case.
  • Oh, and don’t forget your books and stationery!

Moving out

You’ll have to move out by end of your tenancy – you can see when that is on your tenancy document.

If you want to move out earlier, you can arrange that with your accommodation manager.

At the end of the academic year, we’ll let you know when you’ll be expected to move out and exactly what you’ll need to do.

Before you go, your accommodation manager will make an appointment to inspect your room – making sure it hasn’t been damaged or dirtied.




We have a policy for those. And here it is: our Cancellation policy for England & Wales and our Cancellation policy for Scotland.

During your stay


Every building has a secure entry system and 24-hour CCTV. We also give students a 24-hour contact number to call if they have any concerns about safety or security.

Mail and parcels

Depending on your building, you’ll either get mail delivered to your door or your own secure mailbox in reception.

Getting a parcel? Your accommodation manager will hold it securely for you, and you can pick it up any time during office hours. Bring ID!


Something broken? Faulty? Our onsite maintenance team will get right on it. Just let your accommodation manager know.


In the UK, you’re not allowed to smoke indoors, but there’ll be smoking areas outside your building.


Your friends and family are more than welcome to stay. But while they’re here, they’ll be your responsibility. So careful! If they cause damage to the property, or disruption for people living with you, then that’s on you.

Extensive stays (that’s longer than a week) aren’t allowed though – sorry.


NOOOIIIISSSE!!! It gets on people’s nerves fast, so please be considerate – especially between 11pm and 7am.

If another student complains about you or your guests making too much noise – especially if complaints are serious or persistent – we may have to ask you to leave the property.

Not from the UK?

We’re here

Moving to a new country is one of the most exciting things you can do. But it comes with challenges too. So here’s a few tips to help you settle in and feel at home in the UK.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate. Contact us.


If you’re an international student coming to the UK to study, you’ll need a visa. Here’s some information on applying for a visa. If you don’t get the visa you need, you can cancel your booking with us for free.

Opening a bank account

You can’t open a UK bank account until you’re in the UK, but make sure you do, as soon as you can. It’s the safest place to keep your money.

To open an account, you’ll need documents from your university with details about you and your course. You’ll also need your passport. Check with your chosen bank to find out exactly what they need from you.

Setting up your account will take at least a week. So until then, make sure you have enough money for your first few weeks in your new city.

For more detail, see the British Bankers Association’s guide for international students, or speak to your student union.

Visit the Money Advice Service for… well, advice on money (budgeting, managing your money, things like that).

Getting a UK mobile phone

Mobile phones are cheap to buy – but expensive to use. Especially for calling abroad.

There are two main types of mobile payment plans:

Contract. This means compulsory monthly payments, often with extra call charges – but the phone comes cheaper, or free. To get a contract, you’ll need an enrolment letter from your university. Check any contract carefully before you sign!

Pay as you go. No contract, no credit check, no monthly bills, and no enrolment letter needed. But you’ll pay more to buy the phone, and calls will be more expensive than on contract.

Don’t rush to buy! Check all the deals for international calls and make sure you get the phone and deal that’s right for you.

For information on mobile phone companies and prices see

What’s included in your rent

All utilities

Electricity, gas, and 24-hour hot water. You’ll also get a stand-alone heater – your room, your preferred temperature, you’re in control.

High-speed internet and Wi-Fi

Throughout the building and bedrooms, with an ethernet cable connection in your room.

Council tax

As a student, you don’t have to pay. (But once your course has officially ended, you’ll no longer be classified as a student. So if you keep living in the UK after your course is over, you’ll have to start paying council tax.)


A flat-screen, 32-inch TV, to be precise. With 40 channels. You’ll find one in almost all our apartments and studios – check with your accommodation manager to make sure.

Bringing your own TV? There’ll be a TV aerial point in your bedroom, so it’s easy to set up.

Remember: you’re responsible for getting your own TV licence.

Personal contents insurance

To see exactly what’s covered, just ask your accommodation manager.


Please see Types of room for more on which rooms contain what. You’ll always get a bed, desk, chair, bookshelves, wardrobe, and plenty of storage.

Community spaces and facilities

Living in a Hello Student property means living, working, and relaxing with lots of other students. As part of your rent, you’ll get shared community spaces, like gyms, cinema rooms, games rooms, and study areas. See Types of community spaces for more on those.


You’re responsible for cleaning your own room, and your shared kitchen if you’re living in an apartment. (Fair enough, right?!) But don’t worry, we take care of all other rooms, corridors and communal areas.

Friendly management

Your accommodation manager is like an administrator, event planner, concierge, and buddy, all rolled into one. They will:

  • Welcome you to your new home, give you your keys and show you around.
  • Tell you whatever you need to know about the local area – the best shops, where your campus is, and much more.
  • Arrange events for your whole building to enjoy (if you have any ideas, they’d love to hear them!).
  • Keep your parcels safe, and email you when they arrive.
  • Take your rent payments and answer any questions about booking or accounts.
  • Arrange maintenance visits for your room.
  • Book you taxis, theatre tickets, and tables at restaurants.
  • Be there. To talk, to listen, about anything that’s on your mind. If you want to arrange a quiet private chat, just ask.

Head to reception to find your accommodation manager – that’s their base during working hours. Even after hours though, there’ll always be a resident representative on site for anything you need.

Our equality and diversity policy

At Hello Student we believe that all employees and residents have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. They should be treated free from harassment and bullying of any description, whether based on sex, trans-gender status, marital status, civil partnership status, pregnancy, race, disability, age, political or religious belief or sexuality. The policy below ensures that we carry this out.

  • Students choose their own rooms on our online booking system and whilst they may chose a single-sex flat if available, students will not be allocated or withheld rooms on the basis of sex, trans-gender status, marital status, civil partnership status, pregnancy, race, disability, age, political or religious belief or sexuality.
  • We provide accessible facilities and services for disabled students (with no additional charge) and will make reasonable adjustments to students' rooms if necessary.
  • We treat all students and staff in a non-judgemental manner.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation against employees, students or third parties in our company.
  • We will fully investigate complaints from employees, students or third parties and have a 3 stage complaints process for anyone who feels they have been unfairly discriminated against.