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Days out and around Lancaster

When you get to University, you might be surprised at how much free time you’ve got on your hands. Your contact hours will drop from what you’re used to and – if you’re lucky (or tactical with your timetabling!) – you could even find yourself with a mid-week weekend.

It’s all too easy to spend those days off lounging in bed, eating cereal or recovering from a hangover: but to make the most of your time at University, you should get together with some friends and see what your Uni town or city has to offer.

Lancaster is a small city with a lot of hidden gems. Not only that: it’s very close to Blackpool, the Lake District, Manchester and Liverpool. You’ve got some of the country’s most iconic places right on your doorstep here so make the most of it!

By Michael Mander, 3rd year Linguistics at University of Lancaster

Starting close to home – in Lancaster – there are a number of places to spend a day or an afternoon. If you’re a history buff, Lancaster is steeped in history. Our medieval castle has been home to royalty, invaded by the Scots, a prison and – for a while – hosted club nights! It’s really impressive and you can actually see some parts for free.

For the best experience, though, it’s well worth getting a guided tour of the grounds for only £6.50 as a student. The castle is opened up at Christmas for events and markets; and also at bonfire night for light shows.

If you fancied setting out a bit further Lancaster has Blackpool right on our doorstep. It’s a 30 minute drive, an hour by train or less than 2 hours by bus. There’s loads to do here. My personal favourite is the iconic Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park: where you can ride some amazing roller coasters with views of the seafront (or the Wallace and Gromit ride if that’s more your speed!).

Blackpool is also home to the Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds, the Blackpool Dungeon and a Sea Life Centre. They’re a bit pricey, but you can bundle them and do multiple things in one day for a discounted price.

Those are just two ways to spend a day here in Lancaster, but there are many, many more. In the City Centre, a new Escape Rooms experience has recently opened. Delta Force operates three paintballing centres in the North West and offers preferential rates to Lancaster students (catch them selling tickets on campus!).

Manchester and Liverpool are both just over an hour away by train, but the University also runs day and night trips to this big cities throughout the year. You’ll never be short of things to do here: so be sure to make the most of it!

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