Angel of the North
Newcastle. Where else?


Perfect for Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

Alreet pet? Welcome to Newcastle. The friendliest city on Earth.

Friendly, sure, but this north-eastern powerhouse is also a truly staggering place. It’s got everything. The Tyne Bridge. Theatre Royal. St James’ Park. Excitement. Culture. A burgeoning creative industry. Newcastle’s like a capital city in its own right – but one you can walk across in minutes.

Speaking of walking, why not take a jaunt along Quayside? If that’s not enough for you, get up early and head to Tynemouth for the morning waves. Done with the surf? Onward and upward then, towards Weardale. Swap your board for some skis and coast along the Pennines. Then, finally, walk along the Northumbrian Coast – spectacular at sunset.

It’s incredible. That could be an actual day around Newcastle – just one day. And we haven’t even started on your nights. The city’s mighty proud of its famous nightlife – and why shouldn’t it be? The restaurants, clubs and bars here could put tons of Europe’s big cities to shame. Careful, though. The people here have the best accent in the world. So they can probably talk you into anything.

Okay, that’s enough from us. Newcastle’s a city that speaks for itself.

Our places in Newcastle

They’re all great but slightly different, check them all out and let us know which one is your favourite.

Metrovick House

An iconic building in the heart of the city.

Prices from £149.00
per week

Claremont Place

Historic architecture. Contemporary design. In one building.

Prices from £147.00
per week

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