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8 Adulting Hacks You Need to Know

I wouldn’t class myself as an adult, just yet. But I’d like to think I’m getting there. Over the years, I’ve picked up some adulting hacks that I think are essential for saving you time and money. Share these tips and tricks with your friends, flatmates, coursemates, and we can all ride the rollercoaster of pretending-to-know-what-adulthood-is together.

By Shannon Alexandra

Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as a cleaner

This comes in extremely handy when you need to clean out the oven/microwave, spill fizzy pop on your desk, or for that annoying flatmate that was “soaking” their dirty pots, when in fact they’ve been drying crusty on the side for days. Mix a little white vinegar in a spray bottle (or in a cup) with a pinch of bicarb, mix well and use a sponge to clean whatever needs be. Not only will this save you money on spray bottles of surface cleaner, but you’ll also be reducing your plastic consumption and saving the planet!

Hairdryer vs. iron

One trick that I always use is using a hairdryer to blast the creased out of my clothes instead of ironing them. It takes less time and saves you the faff of whacking out an ironing board, ironing water, waiting for your iron to heat up etc etc. It also ensures you’ll never burn a hole into your fave shirt. Genius.

Shower vs. iron

Yes, another ironing hack, can you tell I hate ironing? This is one I use when I’m tight on time and I’ve got to head out in a rush. Hang your creased garment on a hanger, then hang it up in the bathroom and take a hot shower! Whilst you’re scrubbing up, the steam from your shower will allow the creases in your clothes to drop, leaving you with crease-free clothing ready to throw on in no time!

Storage hacks

Invest in wicker boxes, I grabbed mine from Wilko and Primark for less than £10 each. These store perfectly on top of each other or slide into under-bed storage perfectly. They look neat and tidy stacked up or you can store them completely hidden out of sight underneath your bed/in your wardrobe. The under-bed storage I currently have at Provincial House at Hello Student is a lifesaver; I store my winter clothes and general bits n bobs there to ensure I’m making the most out of my space. Plus, storing things categorically in separate baskets make it easier to move/haul your belongings to and from university efficiently and neatly.

Online shopping

If you’re always on the hunt for a bargain when shopping online, you’ll love this next hack. This works best for online clothing brands such as Missguided, ASOS, Boohoo etc. Firstly, create an account with the company; sign up via email and stay logged in. Secondly, add everything you fancy to your basket, but don’t buy it just yet. Let it sit in your online basket for a day or two. The company will recognise that you’ve added items to your basket but you haven’t bought them. They’ll then email you to remind you that you have unbought items in your basket a few days later, and they’ll more often than not, throw in a cheeky 20% discount code. I’ve done this a few times with Missguided and Boohoo – it works a treat!

Less luggage

Packing to go home for Christmas? A weekend away? Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them tightly, like a sleeping bag. This saves space and also stops any harsh creases from appearing.

Empty batteries

Replacing batteries often ends in them rolling around on the table and mingling old batteries with new ones. A great way to check if they’re old or new is to drop them onto a firm table from a height of around 6 inches. If they give a small bounce and fall over, they’re full of juice. If they bounce around a few times, they’re old and tired. The more you know, ey.

Skipping floors

Everyone’s been in that situation in lifts where you get in and someone on each floor has pressed the button and then decides to get the stairs; meaning the lift opens on every floor. If you’re in a rush, there’s an easy way to avoid this: once you’re in the lift, select your desired floor and then before the doors start to shut, press and hold down the >|< close door button. Release the button when the lift has started to move. The lift will not skip past any floors and take you to your desired floor without stopping. I must stress, use this only when you’re in aa rush so that others aren’t waiting a lifetime for the lift!


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