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Charity Work as a Student

With all of the coursework, essays, and revising that university life brings, it can be easy to forget some of the personal goals you sought out to a achieve whilst at uni. Although charity work might not be up there on your bucket list alongside traveling across Asia or climbing a mountain, charity work is a hidden gem amongst a sea of impressive achievements. Need convincing? Read on…

By Lauren Haslett – Media Studies at University of Portsmouth


Reminds you there’s more than just your uni work

Although studying at university is often referred to as the time of your life, you spend a significant chunk of time by yourself; studying for a qualification that’s solely yours; and focussing on number one. Getting involved in charity work is a fantastic way to bring you back to earth and get you back into the habit of socialising with like-minded people who are passionate about similar things to you. It’s a great opportunity to meet and work with new people in addition to taking a well-earned break from your laptop screen.

Looks great on your CV

With the UK job market becoming more and more competitive, every little bit of extra experience on your CV is like gold dust. You get interviews based on your qualifications but you get job offers based on personality and what you can bring to the table. Having charity work on your CV shows dedication, loyalty, organisation, selflessness and passion – all really positive qualities that could be the make or break of a job offer.

It’s challenging

You might be volunteering your time and most likely working for free but by no means does that mean that charity work is a cake walk. Like most jobs, there are good and bad days. On the good days, you might feel like you’re a one man show changing the world with every minute. But, on bad days, you might just want to quit and never go back. Those bad days might be the most challenging days of your university experience but powering through and making it to the end will give you a brilliant sense of achievement.

It feels great

Volunteering for a charity that is close to your heart, can feel fantastic. Whether you decide to to take part in a fun run or bake cakes for a cake sale; training and fundraising for an event dedicated to your chosen charity is a great way to really feel like you’re giving something back. It’s also a good opportunity to share the passion you have for the charity and help to raise awareness of what they do and what their key goals are.

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