A Beginners Guide to Crystals

Crystals amplify and raise energy vibrations, whether this is for you, your space, your home or even your pets. They can make us more aware of our own energy as well as offering a helping hand to keep us present and in the moment. Perhaps in this manic digital age where distraction is everywhere, this is why crystals are having such a moment. They help support us when we are blocked, lacking in energy, feel slowed down or need calming.

There is evidence to suggest that crystals have been used in healing for around 6,000 years, dating back to Sumerians and ancient Egyptians. Nowadays the use of crystal healing relates more to the Buddhist and Hindu understanding of our ‘chakras’ (the energy centres in our body). Regardless, all of the different practices relating to crystal healing assign different properties to different types of crystals. The effect of each crystal changes not just with its type but also its shape and how it has been activated and cleansed.

By Lily Cannon

The Most Common Crystal

Amethyst: Develops intuition and spiritual awareness. Can be used in mediation and helps with calmness and tranquility. Relieves headaches.

Carnelian: Enhances creativity and connection with past experiences. Aids digestion.

Citrine: A crystal for abundance. This stone invites success and money and raises self-esteem. Good for the heart, kidneys, liver and muscles.

Clear Quartz: A healing stone. You can program this stone to be used however you require it.

Garnet: A stone for health and creativity. Helps to prevent nightmares.

Hematite: A stone for protection and grounding. This crystal closes your aura to keep out negative energy.

Jade: This crystal is great for ambition and will keep you working toward your objective. It is also helpful for longevity.

Lapis Lazuli: A stone that aids focus, amplifies thought, helps in meditations and relieves sadness. Also good for sore throats and fever.

Malachite: Releases stored emotions and allows you to look inward. This stone is useful in assisting with and alleviating mental illness.

Moonstone: Soothes the emotions and the digestive system. Encourages peace and harmony.

Obsidian: A protection stone.

Opal: A stone of amplification that can enhance experiences and creativity. Opals will also help to balance mood swings.

Pyrite: A stone of defense and protection.

Rose Quartz: The love crystal; romantic, familial and friendship. This stone is nurturing, comforting and will help dissipate anger.

Smoky Quartz: A protection stone which stimulates survival instincts and enhances focus.

Tiger’s Eye: A stone of stability that heightens personal power and integrity.

Turquoise: A stone of healing that guards against disease and environmental pollutions