Making the most of Autumn

After what seems like an endless, sticky, hot summer, autumn is finally upon us. The crisp mornings are in full swing and the halloween stock is taking centre stage in many of our high street shops. It can be easy to feel the cold weather setting in, grab the blanket and turn on Netflix (there’s definitely no shame in it) but if you’re keen to get out and about and make the most of autumn 2018, here are just a few ideas.

By Lauren Haslett – Media Studies at University of Portsmouth


Embrace the autumn colours

Whether it’s a jumper, a bag or even some socks, embracing autumnal colours in your wardrobe is a great way to immerse yourself in what is arguably the best season of the year. Not too hot and not too cold, autumn is the perfect time of year to layer up your yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.

Utilise your re-usable cups

Dig out those re-usable thermos cups because autumn can blow in a chilly wind, giving you the perfect excuse to try every single hot drink on your campus/ local coffee shop menu. Hot chocolate, mochas, coffees and teas haven’t tasted this good since last Christmas, so why not pick out your favourite hot drink, meet up with some friends and go on an leafy, countryside walk? It’s worth noting that lots of coffee shops will offer a small discount if you bring your own take-away cup – even more of a reason to treat yourself.

Celebrate Halloween

There are lots of ways you can celebrate Halloween, whether you stay in and watch horror films like Damien and Janice in Mean Girls, or you throw a Hocus Pocus style costume party, Halloween embodies the very soul of autumn and is the best excuse to dress up in your favourite costume. A few costumes trending this year include: the Instagram influencer (yes really!), Black Panther, a Southside Serpent, and Pennywise the clown.

Use Instagram

One of the most used social media platforms on the planet, Instagram thrives in the autumn. Woodland walks, big scarves and welly boots all make for ‘grammable’ pictures but throw in some of the intense filters available on the app and you’ve got yourself a perfectly primed timeline of autumnal memories. Don’t forget to search hashtags for inspiration and to check out your local ‘grammable’ locations.


You may or may not be familiar with a little television show called The Great British Bake Off which has captured the hearts of the nation for years. Watching Bake Off has an infectious effect on people, it makes them want to bake. Out of nowhere, people across the country decide that they want to give baking a go and it could be argued that autumn is the perfect time to take on this hobby. The weather is cool – so less soggy bottoms; the colours of autumn are inspirational – so lots of woodland themed cakes; and evenings getting darker sooner, means more opportunities to eat cake, drink tea and not feel guilty about not being outside!

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