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Whether you’re half way through your first year at uni, approaching graduation or are in full time work, everyone deserves a holiday, and with all this Brexit nonsense, it’s time to make the most of those Europe breaks whilst it’s still simple and easy to do. Need some inspiration on where to go? Check these out…

By Lauren Haslett – Media Studies at University of Portsmouth


Berlin, Germany

Where a bottle of beer is cheaper than a cup of coffee, Berlin offers a rainbow of things to do depending on what time of year you go. Of course there are the standard museums and art galleries, but what Berlin is truly famous for, is its egalitarian nightlife. Want to wear trainers to the club? That’s fine. Mini skirts? Sure no problem. Jeans and a t-shirt? Absolutely. The free and easy attitude towards having a good time, totally takes the stress out of getting ready to go out and ultimately makes for a more fun night out. The only thing is that clubs and bars are generally empty until about 1am – what can I say, they party hard in Germany!


Easy to reach and super hot, Croatia should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit. Its breathtaking scenery and luxurious beaches are enough to fill your social media with totally gram worthy selfies. Known for its perfect architecture and movie-esque scenery, Croatia, quite simply, ticks all the boxes you could think of for a summer break. Plus, it’s one of the handful of places in Europe that where the sunny seaside is just a few miles from a blanket of mountains.

The Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is well known for its food, and if that’s not a reason to visit The Algarve this year, I don’t know what is! There are some other reasons which might convince you though… If you stay near the beach, it’s worth noting that there are cliffs and caves galore, an explorers absolute dream. This, accompanied by a morning of snorkelling in the perfect warm ocean; an afternoon of surfing and an evening of fine dining and wine –  will make for a perfect 7 day excursion with friends or family.


Did you know that in Amsterdam, bikes outnumber people? Neither did I! It’s known as one of the most cultural places on earth, with snaking canals and streets lined with museums, cafes and restaurants and it’s super easy and cheap to get to. If you’re looking for a weekend away, Amsterdam is your best bet!


It might not spring to mind when you first think of booking a summer holiday but Majorca definitely shouldn’t be written off. Yes, it’s easy to go all inclusive and never leave the hotel grounds in Majorca, but trust me – you’d be missing out! Majorca is adorned with mountain villages and traditional towns, where grabbing a bite of the local cuisine is actually affordable. With sky high summer temperatures and easy to navigate public transport, there’s something for everyone; making Majorca a perfect place to visit with friends, family or loved ones.

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