Types of Student Accommodation: find your next home

Understanding the different types of student accommodation available to you makes it easier to secure the best room type for your student lifestyle. Moving away from home and into student accommodation is an exciting yet daunting step, so we’ve put together a guide that that  breaks down the different types of student housing available to help you find your perfect student home.


Different Types of Student Accommodation


There are a few main types of purpose-built student accommodation to choose from:




Studios are self-contained units with a bedroom and bathroom in one room. A student studio flat provides privacy and independence for students who prefer living alone. With your own front door, you can come and go as you please.


Shared Apartments


Shared apartments have individual bedrooms with shared communal kitchen and lounge areas. They are great for making new friends while still having your own space. You can share the cooking and bond over food with your new flatmates in a student apartment.


Shared Townhouse


These are similar to shared apartments, but they are usually over multiple floors. Townhouses provide more room to socialise together. With their homely feel, a student shared house is great for creating a friendly community atmosphere.




A duplex has bedrooms spread over two floors with one or more bathrooms. They give students a bit more space and separation. You can enjoy a sense of family togetherness in a duplex flat.

Room Types We Offer


Here at Hello Student, our student rooms include studios, shared apartments, and shared townhouses. With premium finishes, we focus on creating a homely feel so you can live comfortably while studying. We want you to feel at home the moment you step through the door.

Tips for Finding Accommodation


When searching for the right student housing, consider these factors:


  • Location – Look for accommodation close to your university campus to easily get to classes. Also, check the local area for shops, cafes, and transport links. Being able to roll out of bed and get to class is key.
  • Budget – Work out a budget for rent, bills, and living costs. Our rents at Hello Student include bills! Make sure to budget for laundry and the occasional takeaway.
  • Facilities – Check what facilities are offered like gyms, study spaces, laundry, and cleaning. Look for free amenities that save you money.
  • Vibe – Will you thrive in a lively or quiet environment? Party residence or intensive study? Consider when you work best.
  • Reviews – Read reviews from current students to get insight into the reality of living there. Real experiences are invaluable.

Budgeting Advice When It Comes to Student Accommodation


Student accommodation costs vary across the country and across different providers. Typically, you’ll be paying:

  • Rent – From £100-£300 per week depending on room type. Private studios tend to cost more.
  • Bills – Electricity, gas, water, and Wi-Fi averages £20-£40 per month. Shop around for deals.
  • Deposit – Usually around 4 weeks rent upfront before you move in. Save this amount in advance.
  • Other costs – Food, course materials, transport, and socialising. Don’t forget budgeting for fun!


Look out for all-inclusive rents with bills included to make budgeting simpler! At Hello Student, we do not charge a deposit, and everything is included in the price, even contents insurance and Wi-Fi!


Types of Accommodation for Students with Disabilities


Universities and student housing providers offer adapted accommodation for students with physical disabilities and other requirements. Options include:

  • Wheelchair accessible rooms.
  • Hearing/visual impairment aids and modifications.
  • Rooms adapted for specific conditions e.g. grab rails.


Get in touch with us here at Hello Student to discuss your needs and let us find you suitable accommodation. We want to make sure you can access your new home comfortably

When to Apply for Student Accommodation


Apply as early as possible! For the next academic year beginning in September, applications open in January.

Popular residences fill up fast, so get your application in by March/April. It gets harder to find housing as time goes on. The best rooms go first!

Private landlords tend to list properties in summer, so start looking a few months before your course begins.


Live with Us at Hello Student


With Hello Student, you’ll join a friendly global community where you can feel at home and focus on your studies. Our high-quality, affordable accommodation options come with great locations, bills included, and 24/7 support.

Ready to book your perfect student home? Browse our student accommodation here or check out our postgrad-only building here.

We can’t wait to welcome you! Let’s make your new place feel like home.

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