Health Assured - Hello Student

24 Hour Student Assistance Programme

Our students mental health and wellbeing is our top priority, thats why we’ve partnered with Health Assured to deliver a 24 hour confidential service to support you through any of life’s issues or problems.

All Hello Student residents will have free access to the helpline and app to discuss any issues or problems you may be facing. Help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – so help is always available at a time that suits you.  All conversations are highly confidential and our Health Assured counsellors are on hand to support you and provide early interventions to work through your current situation.

If you are a Hello Student Resident, you can access the programme here and enter the username and password that have been provided.

Health Assured counsellors can provide guidance and information on the following:

Home Life Support

If you’re having trouble balancing your budgets, debt or even require assistance with civil disputes, we have expert advisors here to offer the support you need.

Student Life Assistance

Our student life advice is dedicated to supporting you with any issues you may be facing, whether it be coping with exam pressure, trouble concentrating or managing peer relationships.

Physical & Emotional Health

A little information goes a long way. That’s why we have a suite of resources aimed to support you both physically and emotionally, from managing anxiety to simple breathing techniques.

Wellbeing Resources

We recognise the value of self-help tools, which is why we provide a range of wellbeing modules, factsheets and invaluable video counselling.

4 Week Self-Help Programmes

Whatever your goals, our 4-week programmes are designed to help you through those small, but important, lifestyle changes. Covering everything from sleeping better to changing habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

Mini Health Checks

Our Mini Health Checks are a great way for you to assess your own wellbeing. They only take a minute or two and you’ll be provided with instant guidance, based on your answers.

Health Calendar

The Health Calendar raises awareness each month of different subjects such as LGBTQ+ topics, money management and various physical and mental wellbeing topics.


At Health Assured we have a particular focus on supporting your mental wellbeing. Olur webinars provide topical information and coaching to guide and educate on a range of mental health issues.

My Healthy Advantage app

My Healthy Advantage offers a variety of bespoke wellbeing features exclusive to Health Assured clients and partners. Within the app, users will have access to a library of learning materials personalised to their preferences, including wellbeing articles, videos, weekly mood trackers, 4-week plans and mini health checks.