A landlord that cares

Giving students the best foundation for a happy, healthy, and successful university experience

To really make the most of university –  to perform well academically, develop a habit of success, and live happily while away from loved ones – students need to feel at home. 

They need comfortable, warm, and safe places to live, communities where they can belong, and the guiding hand of a supportive adult to help should things go wrong.

At Hello Student, we provide all of this and so much more. Because we believe that by enabling the power and reach of higher education, we can help build a brighter future for everyone.

Feel safe – always – with our ultra-secure properties and rooms

With on-site accommodation teams, CCTV, electronic door entry systems, rigorous safety procedures, and a 24-hour security call centre, your safety is in good hands.

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Here when you need us, in the background when you don’t

Whether you need help understanding a bill or someone to talk to about a personal problem, our on-site accommodation teams are there to listen and help find a solution.

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Health and wellbeing support to help you manage life’s challenges

University is an incredible adventure. But all good adventures involve some big challenges. Should life start to feel overwhelming, Hello Student residents get free access to our 24-hour mental health and wellbeing support programme.

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Spaces, places, and events to make and meet friends

With a thriving student community in all our properties, making new friends and developing a sense of belonging is easy. As a resident, you’ll have lots of opportunities to forge new friendships. Perhaps at one of our regular events, in our digital meeting spaces, or even in one of our incredible communal areas.

Being part of a Hello Student community

Be comfortable always, with fast and responsive repairs

Our properties provide extraordinarily nice spaces for students to live, study, and socialise. But nothing lasts forever, and occasionally, things do break. But we’ll always repair things as soon as possible, after faults have been reported to us.

Being part of a Hello Student community

Like many student accommodation providers, we offer the practical things you’d expect. Things like our student-friendly payment terms, ideal locations, free Wi-Fi and contents insurance, and choice of room types.

But we offer things you won’t find anywhere else, too. Because at Hello Student, we’re so much more than just a landlord.

We’re here to help you make the most of your time at University. And we do that by designing our properties, rooms, and services around you. We champion your education, take care of your safety, create communities you can belong in, and support your mental health and wellbeing. We’re always here when you need us, and in the background when you don’t.