Hello Student Resident Update 


We appreciate that this is a challenging time and that many of you will have been affected by the announcement of the latest lockdown. As each of our students circumstances is unique, we want to support you and discuss your needs individually.  We have  already spoken to a large proportion of  our residents and emailed those that we have been unable to contact. If we haven’t managed to get to you, then please call us on 0141 231 1498  or e-mail us at book@hellostudent.co.uk no later than 31st January 2021 to discuss your individual circumstances.

If you’re concerned about your wellbeing,  our 24 hour confidential helpline through our partnership with Health Assured is there to support and guide you through these difficult times.   Please speak to one of our qualified counsellors to talk through your current concerns.

Please remember that if you are currently living with us, and you come into contact with anyone who has tested positive with Covid-19 or develop symptoms at any time, you should self-isolate immediately and alert us by scanning the QR code in your bedroom or click here to report your status.