Every building has secure entry and residents are given a 24-hour contact number to call if they have any concerns about safety or security. 

Mail and parcels

Depending on your building, you’ll either get mail delivered to your door or your own secure mailbox in reception. Getting a parcel? Your accommodation manager will hold it securely for you, and you can pick it up any time during office hours. Bring ID! 


Something broken? Faulty? Our onsite maintenance team will get right on it. Just let your accommodation manager know. 


In the UK, you’re not allowed to smoke indoors, but there’ll be smoking areas outside your building.


Your friends and family are more than welcome to stay. But while they’re here, they’ll be your responsibility. So careful! If they cause damage to the property, or disruption for people living with you, then that’s on you. 

Extensive stays (that’s longer than a week) aren’t allowed though – sorry. 


NOOOIIIISSSE!!! It gets on people’s nerves fast, so please be considerate – especially between 11pm and 7am. If another residents complains about you or your guests making too much noise – especially if complaints are serious or persistent – we may have to ask you to leave the property.